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💎✨Girl w the Lana tattoo✨💎

🔮Creep it Real, Stay Spooky🔮



Ah. Well I’ve had this hair cut for awhile but I cut and dyed it to make it more noticable :s

#waybackwednesday LOOK AT THAT HAIR.

I feel not a single ounce of good in my body

Who’s going to the Parks & Devastation Tour on Friday, October 10th, in Orlando at the Hard Rock?

There was a magnetic pull to the bed. I think my body’s shutting down I can’t move. so. suddenly. tired.

a part of my mind that never was is coming alive and being conditioned..only if I didn’t tremble all the time now.

I hate eating.

Crying over how good Reincarnate is.

I haven’t been taking my medicine so every time I drink coffee I shake like a leaf and die.

While you have your rat dogs you let ride in your lap in the car, I have a sphynx💘💘
Oh Lucy 💘

I take medicine everyday and I’m still the same piece of garbage

Ow ow ow

Finally some rest